>///< Rajja Bee

Chubby chubby little Rosicky with his daddy

— 4 May 2014

Rosicky Jr. is such a cutie !!! Aweeeeeeeee :)

1x07 “Contents Under Pressure” episode stills — Bellamy Blake

Things are gonna get darker…

Oh Rosa, I just can’t describe in words :P

Sahin and Rosicky last night :)

He watched him, played alongside him, then played against him — Must be amazing!!!

Cr. as watermarked

Arghhhh!!! I’m dead

Great victory tonight !! Good job everyone

Rosicky and Kadlec swapped shirts, no surprise :)

Rosicky in home kit 2013/2014

Rosicky in home kit 2013/2014

★ LFC players in Oslo ★ 7.8.13